2019 DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR-Yongsheng Fighting


2019 DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR-Yongsheng Fighting

  The 2019 DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR will meet again at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 26-28, 2019 to showcase new products in the field of ground material production and application for exhibitors and visitors. Related technology. Yongsheng people have always carried forward the spirit of "integrity, innovation and pragmatism", and invite you to participate in the grand event with a new generation of high-quality plastic wood products.
  At this exhibition, our Yongsheng plastic wood personnel have been carefully designed and exhibited. Yongsheng Plastic Wood is sourced from Yanyu Jiangnan, Shaoxing in Dream Water Village, and Shaoxing will work together to develop. This exhibition will show you the experience. Different styles of Shaoxing, see the enthusiasm of our Shaoxing Yongsheng people.
  All the construction materials of this Shanghai exhibition have been produced by our Shaoxing Yongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd., and then the designers personally went to Shaoxing’s hometown of Lu Xun and the hometown of Shusheng to inspect the exhibition to design a Shaoxing restaurant style that is more mellow. In the pavilion program, Yongsheng people used their own skills to construct a different Shaoxing Yongsheng exhibition hall with Yongsheng plastic wood as the raw material. The combination of plastic wood and Shaoxing's book fragrance, combined with the natural environment of the water town, the material is green and pollution-free, in line with the principle of our Yongsheng people's "green Yongsheng, environmental protection construction". Calligraphy, rice wine, Xiaojiabiyu, Shaoxing Master, Anise Bean, Plastic Wood Eight Immortals Table, Plastic Wood Bench, Restaurant, Shop Second, etc. Originally show our customs and customs in Shaoxing. Yong Yong Yong, bravely forward, unyielding, Yongsheng people have been on the road.
  Everyone said that Shaoxing is good. I don’t know that Yongsheng people are more beautiful and savored. The new generation of plastic wood materials will bring you different surprises.
  The above is the latest state of the exhibition, how is it, the scene is very spectacular, if you have not tasted Shaoxing rice wine, and have not appreciated the new generation of Yongsheng plastic wood, then don't worry, there is still time, remember our booth number: E6D05 Yongsheng people are waiting for your driving.
  Only a thousand times of returning to the past, there is a encounter once in this world. Yongsheng Hall number: E6D05, if you come, then we will continue the front. Once we have forgotten, missed, and may pass by, then this hope and you do not regret. In short, no matter what the past is, the past has passed, and the best Yongsheng always waits for you in the future. Join hands with Yongsheng and work with Yongsheng to create a better cooperation model for our future.


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