Ching Ming Festival,Yongsheng is advancing


Ching Ming Festival,Yongsheng is advancing

    In a blink of an eye, it was the last day of the Qingming small holiday. Xiaobian has already joined the busy work one day in advance. Are you still busy on the tour?
    According to incomplete statistics, this year's Ching Ming Festival holiday is expected to exceed 110 million people, and the world has also ushered in "Chinese holidays." Sanya, Guilin and Xiamen are expected to become the most popular tourist cities in the Qingming Festival. Thailand, Japan and Vietnam are expected to be the most popular destinations for free travel. Where have you been on this holiday?
    The Ching Ming Festival is the most grand and grand festival of the Chinese nation. It is a cultural and traditional festival that respects the ancestors and carefully pursues them. The Ching Ming Festival embodies the national spirit, inherits the sacrificial culture of the Chinese civilization, and expresses the moral feelings of respecting the ancestors and respecting the ancestors. The Ching Ming Festival has a long history, originated from the spring festival activities of the ancient times, the Spring and Autumn Festival, the ancient has been. The formulation of the ancient cadres' calendars provided the preconditions for the formation of festivals. The ancestral beliefs and sacrificial cultures were important factors in the formation of Qing dynasty ancestral rites. The Ching Ming Festival has a long history and is the synthesis and sublimation of the traditional spring festival.
The Qingming Festival is one of the twenty-four specific festivals that indicate the seasonal changes in the dry-branch calendar. At this time, the spit is new, the fire is strong, the temperature is rising, everything is clean, and the earth is the image of spring and Jingming. Spring Tour) and the good time of the Qing Dynasty (Tomb Festival). The Qingming Festival is rich in customs, and it is summed up in two major festival traditions: one is to respect the ancestors, and to pursue the future with utmost care; the second is to go on an outing and get close to nature. The Ching Ming Festival has both natural and humanistic connotations. It is both a solar term and a festival. The Ching Ming Festival not only has the theme of sweeping, cherishing, and recollecting, but also has the theme of going out for a picnic and enjoying the body and mind. The traditional concept of "Heaven and Man" is in the Ching Ming Festival. It has been vividly reflected. Through historical development, the Ching Ming Festival has merged the customs of the Cold Food Festival with the Shangyu Festival, and has mixed many folk customs into one, with extremely rich cultural connotations.
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