How to maintain the wooden floor?


How to maintain the wooden floor?

The floor is different in every family. In the installation of the floor, you can according to their own actual situation to choose the floor type, but the floor maintenance is also more important. What are the ways of maintenance of parquet? Here to do some reference for everyone.
Maintenance one
After the floor is installed, it is possible to check in after 24 hours so as not to affect the use of the floor. The other is that if it is a long time to live in the room, you should place some water in the room, in order to maintain the floor humidity. There is the indoor temperature should not be too dry or humid, in order to prevent the floor cracked or deformed.
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Maintenance two
Should prevent the floor a long time sun exposure, so that the paint will be in advance of UV irradiation aging, and then there cracking situation, so the maintenance of the floor should be waxed once every two months or so, before the waxing to the floor Clean it, wipe it with a clean, soft cloth after waxing until smooth and bright.
Maintenance three
When the floor is inadvertently contaminated, it is necessary to remove it in time. If it is greasy, use an automatic rag or a mop to moisten a small amount of detergent. It is forbidden to use any strong acid or alkali cleaner to clean Will cause a certain degree of corrosion, reducing the life of the floor.
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Maintenance four
Prevent heavy metal or sharp objects from tapping or impacting the floor. Do not drag and drop the floor while moving the furniture. This will cause scratches on the floor and may even cause hard-to-repair consequences that may affect the appearance and service life. The other is that if there is water on the floor soaked, it is necessary to wipe the water in time to avoid longer deformation of the floor, resulting in difficult to repair the results.
Five maintenance
For parquet maintenance, indoor temperature to master well. If the outdoor humidity is higher than the indoor humidity, then you need to close the doors and windows to maintain the indoor low humidity. If the outdoor humidity is lower than the indoor humidity, you need to open the doors and windows to reduce indoor humidity. In general, indoor humidity should be kept between 50% and 70%.
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These are some of the methods and techniques on the maintenance of parquet, hope that through the above introduction, we have a better understanding of the maintenance of parquet, for our life to bring better enjoyment.


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