Why choose Yongsheng WPC? The characteristics and advantages of Yongsheng WPC


Why choose Yongsheng WPC? The characteristics and advantages of Yongsheng WPC

     In recent years, the demand for wood-plastic flooring has become more and more large, especially in some large parks, which have been “contracted” by wood-plastic flooring. In the current development of wood-plastic products, Yongsheng Wood Plastics is also closely followed. The pace of its development has not only made many improvements in the quality and stability of the basic profiles, but also made new ones. Yongsheng Plastic Wood not only introduced new colorful plastic wood, but also colorful plastic wood with stable color and beautiful appearance. Since its launch, it has been favored by new and old customers and has become a major feature of the company. Moreover, Yongsheng Plastic Wood recently launched the latest co-extruded wood flooring products, which are produced by the most advanced extrusion molding technology in the industry. The surface of the plastic wood is evenly and firmly coated with the co-extruded layer. The plastic wood flooring produced by this new technology not only retains the mildew, moisture, insect and other excellent properties of traditional plastic wood, but also has stronger wear resistance, scratch resistance, pressure resistance, stain resistance and weather resistance. It also has a more realistic solid wood texture that looks closer to solid wood.
      Yongsheng Wood Plastics not only strives for excellence in quality, but also pays great attention to its appearance. From the beginning to the present, it has continuously introduced new colors. Now it has eight colors to choose from. The new colorful floor is beyond the color. Not only that, but also the surface treatment of Yongsheng Wood Plastic is complicated and diverse. There are flat wire drawing, small tooth pattern, medium tooth pattern and large tooth pattern. The hole in the middle also has round holes, square holes and sides. There are grooves and no grooves. The width of the plate surface is also thick and thin. Depending on the installation scene, you can choose hollow or solid to fully meet your requirements.
      Yongsheng plastic wood as a professional plastic wood brand manufacturer, the national wholesale direct delivery, free 24 online construction guidance services, there is also the need to provide full-scale efficient installation services, long warranty period, maintenance-free costs, worry-free after-sales. Plastic wood plank landscape design plan, professional engineering design and quotation, there is demand for on-site guidance service, saving intermediate links, high cost performance, and maximum benefit to customers.
    Shaoxing Yongsheng New Material Co., Ltd. has more than one extrusion production line, complete specifications, wood-plastic co-extruded materials, factory environmental protection and durable, 10-year warranty brand famous wood-plastic co-extrusion materials, thousands of design units nationwide to develop brand suppliers.


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