Advantages and development trends of WPC coextrusion composites


Advantages and development trends of WPC coextrusion composites

Plastic-wood composites can affect the weatherability, fading and aging resistance of the materials due to the complex interaction between the components. At the same time, due to the strong ultraviolet rays, cold and heat changes and wind and rain erosion in the environment, it will also cause low The weather-resistant polyolefin resin is a substrate-based plastic-wood composite material which causes problems such as fading, surface pulverization, cracking deformation, and tensile and impact strength reduction. It is understood that most of the plastic-wood composite materials in the market at the present stage in China are subject to fading (△E>3) for 30-90 days. The resulting customer complaints and claims will always be plagued. Industry development. Therefore, how to improve the weather resistance of plastic wood has become the key to the development of the industry.
Sarin resin and PE5000S co-extruded wood can improve its performance. The composite co-extruded layer fabric is joined by a separate flow channel before leaving the die. The melt is coated with a 360-degree coating of the wood substrate with a very thin thickness. And they are extruded out of the mold together, and then cooled and shaped by the sizing die and the water tank; after hot pressing the wood grain on the line depth, the final cut is made into a predetermined length. The co-extruded wood-plastic product is easy to form, and can be formed by using general plastic processing equipment or slightly modified, and the co-extruded layer completely separates the wood-based substrate from the external environment, and the co-extruded layer is The wood is put on a high-strength outerwear, which greatly improves its weather resistance and aging resistance. At present, the co-extruded wood plank floor and wallboard have been widely used in Europe and the United States. In recent years, there have been more and more extruded wood products in the European and American markets, not only traditional high-end plastic wood doors and windows, handrails, fences using plastic wood co-extrusion, even low-end floors, fences, exterior wall panels, and templates. The more wood-plastic coextrusion is used, at present, the total amount of plastic-wood co-extruded products accounts for more than 50% of plastic wood products. It can be said that co-extrusion of plastic-wood has become the mainstream trend of plastic-wood products. The North American plastic wood market accounts for more than 70% of the global plastic wood market, of which plastic wood flooring accounts for more than 30%. Taking plastic wood flooring as an example, according to the US market research company, in recent years, the US plastic wood flooring market demand has risen steadily. Sales of ordinary plastic wood flooring (non-co-crushing) decreased by 25%, and co-extruded plastic wood flooring increased by 30%. Co-extruded wood flooring has accounted for 50%-75% of the total sales of plastic wood flooring. The surface of co-extruded wood-plastic floor has realistic wooden texture, stronger weather resistance, high surface hardness, no scratching, and lower water absorption. Overcome the shortcomings of most common plastic wood flooring. The price of co-extruded wood flooring is 30%-35% higher than that of ordinary plastic wood flooring (non-coextrusion). I believe that China's co-extruded wood market will have a strong development trend.


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