Wood plastic guardrail strength safety and installation precautions


Wood plastic guardrail strength safety and installation precautions

Plastic wood guardrails must ensure their safety, strength and reliability during the installation process. Be sure to pay attention to:
1. When installing, ensure the appearance while ensuring the strength, and pay attention to the position of the screw. However, we should also pay attention to the beauty when installing the flower card of the main wood-plastic railing, and try not to expose the screw holes.
2. For wood-plastic railings with curvature requirements, the angle of the hoe should be calculated. At the same time, the characteristics of plastic expansion and contraction of plastic wood should be considered when splicing, leaving room for expansion and contraction activities. Then use glue to fix it when installing the hat.
3. When the column and the road surface are installed, the steel plate may be pre-buried in the concrete, and the steel plate at the bottom of the column is welded with the pre-embedded steel plate or fastened with bolts.
4. The style of the wood-plastic railings, the selected profile specifications and the span of the wood-plastic railings should closely match. When the total length of the wood-plastic railing is more than 300 meters, it is necessary to consider adding a deformation transition column.
5, the strength of railings and handrails Due to the sudden concentration of people or the handling of large items, railings and handrails often have to withstand the impact of various directions, the construction is not difficult to avoid accidents. Therefore some specifications regulate their strength. For example, France requires that the balustrade of residential and apartment buildings can withstand the horizontal force of 40kg/m or more, and should not be lower than 80kg/m in public places. The ILO requires that any part of the railing of the assembled assembly should be able to withstand any one of the whites. Up to a load of no less than 100kg.
6. Some specifications stipulate that the gap between the railing poles should not exceed 110-150mm, and the gaps in other directions should not exceed 250mm. The purpose is to prevent people from falling out of the gap of the railing.
      In the end, no matter how many styles change, we need the railings to be strong and durable, to ensure personal safety is the bottom line, plastic wood railings can be assured in various, multi-color and safety. . Nowadays, the market is mixed, reminding all the engineering business friends to carefully select the products, rational and effective construction, let us create a safer and better home.
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