Misunderstanding in the selection process of wood-plastic floor


Misunderstanding in the selection process of wood-plastic floor

With the enhancement of environmental awareness and the emergence of new materials, plastic wood flooring is a variety of flooring that has been increasing rapidly in recent years. Consumers are very fond of its peculiar texture brilliance and stable product performance, with good waterproof performance and fire resistance. It is not easy to be deformed or discolored, and is mainly used in various gardens, villas and other places. For the purchase of plastic wood flooring, many friends will have many questions. If some consumers do not understand the characteristics of wood-plastic flooring, they must pay attention to the following misunderstandings when purchasing wood-plastic flooring:
Misunderstanding 1: When laying a large core board, some consumers have to build a large core board on the keel in order to pursue the foot feeling too much. In reality, the quality of the large core board varies greatly, and the inferior core board will affect the paving quality of the wood-plastic floor board. Therefore, if consumers have to seek a high sense of foot, they must choose the brand-name big core products sold in the market.
Misunderstanding 2: Only re-purchase and install the plastic-wood flooring without direct re-applying method, keel paving ideas, suspension paving ideas, no matter what kind of paving ideas are accepted, you must choose a good construction team, and confront "six non-shopping". That is, the wall is wet and leaking, the ground is not dry, it is not bent, and it is not paved; the construction is not paved; the inferior materials are not used; the construction period is too fast, and the process cannot be carried out; the quality of the invention is not covered; the absolute color is not required. shop.
Misunderstanding 3: Wood-plastic flooring is not environmentally friendly. Consumers believe that wood-based plastics contain formaldehyde and are not environmentally friendly. In fact, the wood-plastic floor is completely free of formaldehyde. Misunderstanding 4: Trafficking and laying are two high-quality plastic wood manufacturers, professional paving team, if consumers encounter sales and paving are not uniform, it is necessary to improve the warning, once there is a problem in the future, it is likely to cause two The parties evaded each other, causing troubles in the consumption of pavements. Therefore, consumers must strive to sell and unify the pavement.
Misunderstanding 5: Seeking a plain board and not buying a lacquered board Some consumers think that a plain board is a real wood-plastic floor. It can save a part of the processing fee by owning the paint, but I don’t know that the paint will cause the floor to be contaminated and the paint quality cannot be guaranteed. The problem is that the paint board is operated by the manufacturer through the machined and active high production line, which greatly eliminates the pollution and makes the product more environmentally friendly.
Misunderstanding 6: Too much to seek for the same texture of plastic wood flooring is a natural wood product, trees due to differences in sunlight and other factors, the brilliance of the wood is not the same. In addition, even the uniform sawing of the wood, due to the difference in the position of the sawing, the color depth, wood texture will not be the same. People have six misunderstandings in the purchase of plastic wood flooring. When buying a plastic wood flooring, pay attention to these six major mistakes, you can avoid stepping on the thunder.
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