Why is Wood plastic composite flooring more and more popular?


Why is Wood plastic composite flooring more and more popular?

As the economy and modern society develop, the state and people attach importance to the environment, and people's demands for quality of life are constantly improving. People who live or work will want it to be comfortable, comfortable and sustainable. of. No one wants to encounter things that affect their health in their lives. Therefore, consumers will pay attention to health, environmental protection and safety issues when choosing decoration materials.
     The industry generally believes that plastic wood flooring is a new type of construction materials, in line with the pursuit of sustainable development, promote green environmental protection, low carbon and environmental protection. Plastic wood flooring has both water-resistant and anti-corrosion properties of wood and wood texture. It can be used in garden landscapes, interior and exterior wall decoration, flooring, guardrails, flower ponds, pavilions and other places. The use of plastic wood flooring is several times that of ordinary wood, and the color can also be adjusted according to the formula.
As we all know, the plastic wood production process does not contain formaldehyde, and does not contain any materials harmful to the human body, a composite material that is safe and environmentally friendly. Therefore, more consumers are now inclined to plastic wood flooring when choosing decoration materials.
       The plastic wood floor is made by grinding the raw materials such as peanut shell into powder and resin, and then pressing the high temperature to make a model. In the process of producing the product, no adhesive is needed, so it does not contain any harmful substances; However, the traditional floor is not the same. For the production of solid wood or laminate flooring, it is necessary to use a binder that will contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a kind of substance that is harmful to the human body, so the plastic wood floor is compared with this. Traditional flooring should be promoted.
      Another characteristic of plastic wood flooring is that it can be fully recycled for sustainable use. After the World Expo is closed, some of the plastic wood products in the park are also transplanted to other areas for recycling. With the increasing tension of domestic forest resources and the increasing price of wood in the world, due to the advantages of plastic-wood composite materials, it has received strong support from relevant state departments. The development of plastic wood has also been greatly accelerated.
      In theory, the service life of plastic wood flooring can reach 30 years, but due to many factors of reality, the service life of plastic wood flooring in other countries can reach 15 years; currently, the special treated ordinary wood flooring used in China is used. Under the premise of annual maintenance, the service life is generally less than 10 years.
Secondly, plastic wood flooring does not need to be produced by cutting down a large number of trees. Its main material is the fiber of plants such as wood flour. This raw material does not produce sewage when it is produced, and it can be recycled. It is a whole. Environmentally friendly processing and products, so this non-polluting plastic wood flooring should be widely valued.
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