Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor floor selection and analysis


Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor floor selection and analysis

With the improvement of living conditions, the spiritual life that people are increasingly pursuing is becoming more and more important, and the quality of life is constantly improving. More and more people pay attention to the construction of family courtyards. The outdoor platforms are slowly paved on the floor, but the outdoor floor. The choices are many, and the advantages and disadvantages of various floors are also very obvious. Let's take a look.
1. The main material of bamboo flooring is bamboo, which is made of adhesive and applied at high temperature and high pressure. After the special harmless treatment of the sugar, fat, amyloplast, protein and other bamboo materials, it has a strong anti-insect function. The floor is non-toxic, firm and stable, no glue, no deformation. However, bamboo flooring is prone to long mites, which affects the service life of the floor.
2. Natural anti-corrosion wood flooring. Some natural solid wood woods have the characteristics of anti-corrosion and anti-insect. These floors are beautiful and generous. After all, they are solid wood. The anti-corrosion performance will not be too strong. In a particularly humid environment, there will still be a big impact. And the price of this wood is too high to be accepted by the public.
3. Chemical anti-corrosion wood flooring. The floor with added preservative is called chemical anti-corrosion wood floor. The preservative added to chemical anti-corrosion wood floor mainly includes: CCA, ACQ, CAB. The main component of CCA is copper chromium arsenic. The main component of ACQ is ammonia-soluble alkylamine copper. The main component of CAB is copper enamel. After all, it is chemical cost, so there may be some impact on environmental protection, and as the use time increases, the anti-corrosion layer will be greatly discounted.
4. Wood plastic floor. Wood-plastic composite board is mainly made of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as the base material and thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) and processing aid, etc., which is uniformly mixed and then extruded by molding equipment. The high-tech green materials, combined with the properties and characteristics of wood and plastic, can replace the new environmentally-friendly high-tech materials of wood and plastic. Waterproof and moisture proof. It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are prone to rot after damp and moisture in humid and multi-water environments. This kind of floor can be used for garden landscapes, villas and other outdoor platforms.
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Advantages and disadvantages of wood plastic


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