Common misunderstandings to buy wood flooring summary


Common misunderstandings to buy wood flooring summary

Misunderstood a, mistakenly believe that the best solid wood flooring
I believe many consumers have heard the word "penny goods", but the old adage is not absolute, just like when consumers buy wood flooring, wood floor prices that the most expensive, certainly the best performance , Coupled with businesses on the sidelines, so many consumers feel that solid wood flooring is the best floor, it is not true, each floor has its unique properties, the time of purchase according to their own needs.
Formaldehyde content of solid wood flooring is less than the content of the reinforced floor, but the relevant test shows that as long as the free formaldehyde content ≤ 1.5mg / L, it will not affect the health of the human body, so some good quality laminate flooring is no better than solid wood flooring . And maintenance of solid wood flooring is much more complex than the intensive maintenance of the floor, if consumers are busy with work, lazy, or the general economic conditions of the family, then the composite floor relative to the solid wood flooring, may be more cost-effective.
Mistakes Second, dark discounts Floor careful purchase
Color than the average floor deep, and businesses will take the initiative to give you a discount on the floor, not cheap, you may think it is very beautiful, and not much difference with other wooden floors, you have entered a bad business to you A good trap, the industry has a kind of floor, is through the incomplete B-class floor after manual repair, coloring, appearance and A-level floor almost the same, in order to deceive consumers, but also introduced a discount to attract the consumer The purchase of this floor, in fact, when consumers bought it for six months, its paint will crack. This method of plate identification is the color of the floor than the average A-level to be deeper, so in such cases to beware of being deceived.
Mistakes III, mistakenly believe that the same texture of wood flooring is good
Some consumers in the purchase of solid wood flooring or multi-storey solid wood flooring, excessive demands on the surface of the wooden floor texture consistent, that this is the genuine buy, in fact, this is a common misunderstanding. Solid wood flooring is naturally formed, multi-layer solid wood floor panels are also naturally formed wood. Each tree due to the location of planting, light intensity, temperature and humidity, the color and texture of the plate there will be some differences. Not to mention even if the wood is a tree anatomical board, the texture can not be exactly the same, the center of the wood is relatively dark color, the edge of the wood is relatively shallow color, these are the natural formation of natural texture and color , So consumers in this piece do not have to make a breakthrough. Wood floor there is a certain color, texture differences are normal. The color difference on the solid wood floor Recommended reading: Solid wood floor normal color it.
Misunderstanding four, I believe businesses never say the deformation of the floor
No matter what a manufacturer, no matter what kind of wood the floor is used for, no one is never deformed. As long as it is a wooden floor, there will be retraction and there will be a probability deformation. So when you buy a wooden floor do not believe that merchants will never transform the wooden floor, he may just want to name this gimmick to attract consumers only.


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