Yongsheng WPC 5S management improvement effect is remarkable


Yongsheng WPC 5S management improvement effect is remarkable

Yongsheng Plastic Wood high-quality plastic wood creator, plastic wood products production experts, through the implementation of 5S management, the company's production of on-site management level has significantly improved and improved, and gradually cultivated and improved employees' management awareness and awareness, It has achieved the responsibility of everyone on the spot, and the good situation of everyone, which is reflected in the following aspects.
      1. Greatly improved and improved corporate image
The neat and tidy working environment is easy to attract customers and make customers feel comfortable. The customer is satisfied with the factory and enhances the confidence of placing orders. Due to the word of mouth, many people come to the factory to study and learn, and the company will become a model for other companies, which can greatly improve The prestige and popularity of the company have laid a good foundation for Yongsheng Plastic Wood to become a well-known brand.
2. People's concept is constantly improved and quality is improved, and work efficiency is gradually improved.
Good working environment and working atmosphere to improve work quality and efficiency. Clean the clear environment and retain excellent employees. 5S promotes standardization of operations, and the factory machinery of clean and standard operation is in normal operation. People can correctly implement various rules and regulations, and any position can be operated in a standardized manner, and the operation efficiency can be greatly improved. Molds, fixtures and tools can be obtained at any time after rectification, without time-consuming search, and work efficiency is greatly improved. Visualization on site reduces the time for analysis and judgment, and can quickly identify problems and improve work efficiency. 5S is a weapon to improve efficiency!
3. Management improvement, reducing waste and reducing production costs
The implementation of 5S, to find out the family, all kinds of materials registered in the book, there are no unwanted products, saving space and plant, reducing costs. By implementing sorting, rectification, cleaning, and cleaning to achieve standard management, you can immediately take out useful items when needed, and the logistics between supply and demand can be greatly reduced, which can greatly reduce the valuable time when searching for the required items.
4, reduce until the failure to eliminate the quality
Excellent quality comes from a good working environment. Only through regular cleaning, inspection and inspection, and constantly purifying the working environment, can effectively avoid fouling or damage the machine and maintain the high efficiency of the equipment.
Yongsheng Plastic Wood professional wood flooring manufacturers through the 5S management, production defines the next generation of the latest co-extruded wood flooring, higher quality, diverse colors, more beautiful appearance. Yongsheng Plastic Wood adheres to the development concept of green Yongsheng and environmental protection construction. Yongsheng plastic wood flooring is closer to nature, more comfortable, people embrace nature and enjoy life, it is worth having.


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