How to prevent chromatic aberration during the production of wood plastic materials


How to prevent chromatic aberration during the production of wood plastic materials

We know that wood-based materials are diverse in color and have many advantages. They are the first choice for outdoor decoration materials. In order to prevent the possibility of chromatic aberration of wood-plastic profiles in different production batches. First understand the production process of the ecological wood-plastic: ingredients → raw material mixing → raw material granulation → drying → extrusion → vacuum cooling stereotypes → traction and cutting → inspection packaging → packaging into the warehouse. It can be seen from the above links that the single batch is prone to problems: ingredients, mixing, granulation, drying, and extrusion.
First, the ingredients link
When weighing small materials, you can divide a small basin and a large bucket, weigh a single small material in a small basin and then pour it into a large bucket. You can weigh all the other small materials, and then weigh the toner together, which can reduce errors.
After weighing, then each pot of small material is separately weighed to check the total mass of the single barrel material (the same ratio of raw materials, so the total weight of the raw material small material is also the same). It is best to buy the same type of barrels in the market, so that the quality of the barrels is basically the same, and there will not be too much error.
Second, the mixing workshop
Companies can divide mixes and ingredients into two types of work, which can also increase productivity.
The material of the single-pot material must be weighed again before feeding, so that the raw material with unqualified ratio can be effectively found to reduce the error rate. The temperature of the mixing process must be strictly in accordance with the process requirements. When the raw materials are changed, the pan must be cleaned. The clearing pot is a delicate work and a lot of work. Many workers only clean the inside of the pot, and the dead corner of the feeding opening is easy to accumulate a large amount of impurities. The color of the coloring material and the quality of the clearing pot directly affect the coloring. Enterprises regularly train and ideologically educate mixed workers to improve their sense of responsibility.
Third, granulation, drying
Before each refueling, the raw materials to be produced may be topped out of the raw material of the feeding screw until the blanking is a solid color raw material. The material attached to the inner wall of the hopper can be completely cleaned with an air gun. The inner wall of the feed screw and the feed opening (the inlet of the feed screw) must be cleaned with an air gun. If it is cleaned, it can be squeezed with the cleaning material. The granulation temperature process must be carried out as required. Drying section: strictly follow the drying process. If the material of the day only needs to be dried for one hour, the longer time the pellets must be dried for two hours, etc.
Fourth, the extrusion process
The extrusion process is also a section to control the chromatic aberration. To avoid problems, it should be strictly in accordance with the requirements. The temperature process must record the temperature process for each shift and strictly follow the temperature process. The production of each product is best fixed on a single device and mold, which can effectively control the color difference of multi-batch products. The plastic wood profile that has just been extruded has a higher temperature and needs to be manually placed on a flat surface. After the profile is completely cooled, it is processed and packaged.
    Finally, the control of the color difference problem is related to many aspects. For example, different batches of raw materials may also cause color difference of the product. As long as the multi-sector cooperation is strictly in accordance with the process, the problem of color difference of multiple batches of products can be controlled.
In addition, when the product is put into the warehouse, the date is marked, and the outbound storage of the same date can also avoid the problem of chromatic aberration. Controlling the color difference has a long way to go and requires cooperation from multiple departments. As long as each post is dedicated, it will definitely minimize product chromatic aberration.
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