Proper maintenance of wooden floor


Proper maintenance of wooden floor

First, floor maintenance is mainly for prevention.
1. First of all, solid wood floors are paint-free, so we must avoid long-term direct sunshine solid wood floors, while avoiding heating equipment long-term paper baking and direct blowing, prevent solid wood floors early cracking, aging and so on.
2. Solid wood flooring because its material is wood, wooden household products prohibited long-term immersion or immersion in water or other liquids, so the installation of solid wood flooring at home friends need to pay special attention to the home balcony, toilet, kitchen and other space waterproof, must be out of the home water valve closed; Notice but the solid wood floor can not contact with hot boiling water, if not carefully contact, immediately wipe dry with a dry rag to prevent the floor from heating deformation warped.
3. Wooden household products have always been afraid of sharp hard objects collision, so to prevent all metal sharps directly or indirectly contact with the solid wood floor, to avoid scratches on the solid wood floor; secondly, in furniture handling mobile, should be lifted off the ground, otherwise it may be scratched. It is recommended that friends move the bottom cushions of household products or rubber roller boards.
Two, maintenance temperature and humidity are indispensable.
1. Maintenance of wooden floors should also be tailored to local conditions. If a room is uninhabited for a long time, several basins of water should be placed indoors to maintain the moisture required for floor breathing. At the same time, the floor may be kept dry. Users in the north can wipe it with a wet rag and then wipe it with a dry rag. Users in the South should not wash it with water or wipe it with a wet rag. Cloth cleaning floor, you can dry the wet rag in the clean floor, after the completion of the air conditioning, so that the floor superfluous moisture as soon as possible to be absorbed clean.
2. Solid wood floors also need to maintain relative humidity, if the weather is too hot, you need to turn on the air conditioner or put air humidifier to increase air humidity, in order to maintain the beautiful extension of the life of the floor, as far as possible in about 2 months for floor waxing maintenance.
Three, decontamination clean dry wet treatment must be appropriate.
1. When cleaning and maintaining the floor, we should pay attention to keeping the relative humidity of the floor and the floor dry and clean. Remember not to use water mop to sprinkle the wet board directly, or use alkaline water, soap water and other direct wipe, the protective film and brightness of the paint surface are damaged.
2. If you encounter particularly difficult to clean oil, please buy special floor cleaner to clean, remember not to use strong alkali and acid cleaning agent cleaning care .


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