Wood plastic flooring brand manufacturers | the characteristicshigh of quality WPC decking characteristics


Wood plastic flooring brand manufacturers | the characteristicshigh of quality WPC decking characteristics

With environmental pollution and depletion of forest resources, the state has paid more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and has infiltrated into all aspects of people's lives, including construction and home decoration. People's improvement of the quality of life, more and more decoration materials and more attention, the pursuit of spiritual life, because of this, plastic wood products have a great development prospects, and only a few years in the building materials industry in China Rapid development. No matter what market, the products are good or bad, then how do we distinguish the quality of plastic wood products? Let's let Xiaobian introduce you to the four main points of good plastic wood products. I hope to help you.
     Last time, Xiaobian has already introduced to you how to distinguish the quality of plastic wood flooring. I believe that after learning these three tricks, customers will definitely learn how to identify the quality of plastic wood flooring. I believe that as long as the quality of the plastic wood flooring is high and the price is reasonable, it will definitely become the customer's choice. Today we talk about the qualities of high quality wood flooring.
1. Raw materials: plastic wood products, that is, composite materials of plastic and wood. The ratio of different wood powder and PVC powder is also different. The construction process is good or bad, and the construction equipment is good. The choice and the small amount will have a certain impact on the final forming of plastic wood products. Plastics are generally made of high-density polypropylene or polyethylene, while wood fibers are made of wood flour, gluten or wood fiber. Of course, if you want to integrate the two well, you must add a small amount of additives and other processing aids.
2, uniform: good wood-plastic products have a better wall thickness process. If the wall thickness of the wood-plastic products is in a uniform state, the quality is better.
3. Surface: The surface of plastic wood products does not need to be painted. The surface effect of good plastic wood products should be smooth, flat and uniform, and there is no mottling and ambiguous.
4, certificate: good plastic wood products are generally quality certificate and inspection report of plastic wood products factory. So be sure to check if the merchant has these before buying.
The above 4 points are the standard for good plastic wood products. If the materials are selected well, the later use effect can be guaranteed.
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