The advantage of wood-plastic flower box


The advantage of wood-plastic flower box

In the lives of modern people, the beautification of floral art can be seen everywhere in urban construction and interior decoration. Then the use of the flower stand is very common. The plastic flower stand is a new type of flower stand that has emerged in recent years. It is also widely used nowadays. Compared with the traditional flower stand, it has a longer life, mildew proof and moisture proof. The traditional flower stand has a short life span and it takes a long time to replace it, which is both labor and financial.
   Plastic wood flower stands are very popular. We also recommend consumers to install plastic wood flower stands. Why is this happening? Let us introduce you to the advantages of wood-paneled flowers. First of all, the plastic wood flower stand has a high degree of simulation: the appearance is exquisite, and it can be fake and true. From the surface phenomenon, it is the wood shape. Used outdoors to blend in with nature, giving people a sense of nature.
Secondly, the material strength of the plastic wood flower stand is very high: the plastic wood products generally use steel and concrete as the substrate, and have high flexural strength. Third, the anti-aging performance of plastic wood flower stand: the surface of the product is sprayed with high-grade surface treatment materials with high UV resistance and high corrosion resistance, which makes the product have high anti-aging properties. Long service life: high compressive strength and flexural strength. The surface treatment is made of a special coating for outdoor use that is resistant to sunlight.
Fourth, the plastic wood flower stand has the characteristics of UV resistance, pollution resistance and corrosion resistance of the product, and has very strong anti-aging properties. The product has high durability and the use life is 10 times higher than that of wood. Therefore, the cost performance of cement-plastic wood building is higher than that of real wood. Fifth, the cost-effectiveness of the plastic wood flower stand: the product price advantage is obvious.
Sixth, plastic wood flower stand green environmental protection: product material low carbon ecology, green environmental protection and energy saving. It does not rust and avoids the anti-lighting phenomenon of sunlight reflection on the stainless steel fence. The product is harmless to the human body. Seventh, the decorative wood flower stand is very strong: the modern imitation wood has various types and rich colors, which can be integrated with various environments. Users can choose different styles according to the regional environment and show their individuality. Eighth, the plastic wood flower stand is easy to install: economical and reasonable structure design, installation is faster.
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