Analysis of weather resistance of plastic wood (wood plastic) floor


Analysis of weather resistance of plastic wood (wood plastic) floor

As people pay more attention to environmental resources, plastic wood is also born. Plastic wood flooring is an energy-saving and environment-friendly product. It not only can control the emission of harmful substances, but also can protect the ground from moisture and moisture. Moreover, the plastic wood flooring not only has the pattern of natural wood but also has a wide range of colors. Recycling and reuse, so the plastic wood flooring has entered the homes of ordinary people. Not only the elegance of natural wood, but also the high standards of today's society, can change and change with the temperature. When the wood is in the hot summer, the toughness will increase and there will be slight expansion, so there will be span and head-to-head, edge-to-edge gaps during installation to offset the effects of high temperatures on the wood. In the cold and humid winter, there is no need to worry about the mildew and moisture of the plastic wood floor, because the plastic component accounts for 50% of the plastic, only hardens, but as a new environmentally friendly product, the minimum temperature of the plastic wood floor can reach -40 °C. In the winter, summer, autumn and winter, the wooden floor gives you the comfort of the whole season.
       Wood-plastic products are the cutting-edge technology introduced into the world's green wood. Chemical additives and stabilizers have been added to the three parts of the product and the color. In order to avoid the aging problem caused by long time, it is specially made on the surface of the product. The upper layer of UV treatment avoids ultraviolet radiation and can be effectively used for up to 30 years. Although it will fade a little in outdoor use for a long time, it will definitely not affect the visual beauty. It can be said that plastic wood is more than other building materials. In other words, it is incomparable to other products. Customers don't have to worry about the aging of plastic wood products.
In addition, wood-plastic products are made from wood and are superior to wood, which is more environmentally friendly and healthier than logs. In the first year of the installation, the color of the product will be 5-10% lighter, and the color will not change significantly in the next 15-20 years. On the other hand, the wood product has always been used throughout the application process. Color changes.
The advantages of plastic wood are many. Even if it is exposed to the sun in the outdoors, the wood will not rot, crack or crack, in addition to the UV resistance, so the wood products do not require special maintenance. Let the future management of plastic wood products become very easy.
Plastic wood still performs well even in low temperature conditions. However, because plastics account for more than 50% of the composition of plastic wood, it is difficult to punch holes in extremely cold weather due to hardening.
       The plastic wood flooring contains plastic, so it is not afraid of water. When used outdoors, the plastic wood floor does not have to worry about swelling and deformation during rainy weather, and its service life is very long.
       In addition, the use of Yongsheng wood-plastic flooring can also achieve the purpose of environmental protection. The use of wood-plastic panels does not volatilize any harmful substances, and the flooring materials can be used repeatedly, so wood-plastic panels are more than other wood flooring materials. In line with the environmental requirements of modern society, wood plastic materials can be applied more widely. Yongsheng plastic wood professional plastic wood floor manufacturer, plastic wood product production expert, high quality plastic wood supplier, a high-tech enterprise integrating production, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service! Quality and reliable price concessions, excellent after-sales service Trust! Yongsheng plastic wood flooring top ten plastic wood flooring brand, welcome to purchase.


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