2023 Yongsheng First Employee Conference!

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2023-02-17 10:15

The first employee conference of the 23rd year began with a burst of applause.

Firstly, it is Shi Yijun, the director of our Yongsheng production workshop. Report to the staff present, summarizing the completion of production work last year, and clarifying the main direction and focus of production tasks for this year.

I explained to the employees that even when production is busy, it is important to remember that safety production is the most important goal.

Subsequently, the important personnel changes of the company this year were announced, and the positions of Comrade Wang Yangjun, the director of the extrusion granulation workshop, and Comrade Wang Sali, the director of the packaging workshop, were exchanged. The adjustment is made in the hope that our middle level cadres can be more integrated into each step of production, and can grasp the management direction before and after the process. From their own perspective, break through old thinking, innovate, dare to practice, and lay a foundation for the comprehensive improvement of their newly led workshops.

Director Wang Yangjun proposed a plan for innovation in the packaging workshop

Director Wang Xiaoli provides suggestions for the improvement of the granulation workshop

Employees in each workshop listen to their leaders' reports on their work

The general manager gave a red envelope to the 13 year old employee who has been striving for Yongsheng, in order to encourage Yongsheng's family to have been dedicated to Yongsheng's development and perseverance.

At this point, the first employee meeting of the 23rd year has come to an end.

With new goals and a solid step forward, Yongsheng is creating a new chapter.

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