2023 Yongsheng Youth League Building Activity

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2023-05-25 08:48

Fast paced life

Occasionally, one also needs to stop their steps

Get close to nature

Experience leisure time for play

In order to enhance the cohesion and creativity of the enterprise, let employees feel the corporate culture, cultivate teamwork spirit, and also better release pressure and pleasure both physically and mentally.

We specially organized this event.

5.22 Outdoor Group Building - Check in Chenxi Style Town

Amidst the continuous rain and unstoppable passion, we embark on a date with a rainy day and the mountains and forests.

Starting from the company's renovation, drive all the way towards Chenxi Fortunately, there were no traffic jams on the road, and the departure was a great victory.

The misty rain adds a touch of beauty to the mountains and waters of the south, and the rugged peaks and rocks are faintly visible in the mist, adding a touch of mystery to this journey.

First stop check-in

-Eastern Zhejiang New Fourth Army Memorial Hall-

Remembering the revolutionary predecessors

Consolidate the strength of the original intention

Born in this prosperous era of China

When grateful for the dedication of martyrs

Check in at the second stop

-Hiking on Stalagmite Mountain-

Zhucui Chenxi Stalagmite Mountain,

Living in seclusion in the ancient stream is far and noisy.

Xiao Yuan Xiang Jing Spring Tea is Strong

Kitchen stove and mountain delicacies are fresh all year round.


Check in at the third stop

-Outdoor BBQ-

Since we have arrived outdoors, we have also come prepared for eating.

List out a variety of ingredients and start making your own outdoor barbecue with plenty of food and clothing.

In "But a Bowl of Human Fireworks", it is said: "Chewing life with flavor and making life lively and fragrant often relies not on a mouth, but also on a heart soaked in human fireworks, deeply believing it

The misty rain has gradually subsided and some activities can only be stopped, but taking a pleasure boat can still participate.

Although some activities were stranded due to weather conditions, everyone in this group building also had a great time eating, drinking, and having fun. Overall, it was a successful conclusion.

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