Farewell employees to their hometowns for the Chinese New Year!

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2023-01-13 16:30

Farewell employees home for the Chinese New Year!

In order to safely send employees home for the Chinese New Year, the company is particularly prepared to cooperate with the municipal transportation company and arrange a special car to directly deliver them to their hometown. I also prepared some meals to make the journey home more comfortable and reassuring.

Gather in front of the company gate to prepare for departure

The leader explained to the returning employees and their families that safety is the first priority and the return to their hometown is smooth.

Group photo of leaders and returning employees as a souvenir

Before issuing the document, all returning employees have reported safety to the company.

I have successfully returned to my hometown and hope they can spend an auspicious New Year in their hometown, spending more time with their long lost families.

I will return to work smoothly next year, and the new year will be even more auspicious, happy, and healthy.

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