Advocating "staying in Yu for the New Year", the company held a Spring Festival mobilization meeting! Provide support and guarantee to employees to fully complete the smooth shipment task before the year!

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2022-12-13 16:30

At 4 pm on December 12th, the company held a mobilization meeting to increase production and ensure quantity during the Spring Festival, and to ensure smooth delivery. We introduced our employees to the preferential treatment policies and government support provided by the company for those who will stay in Yu for the Chinese New Year in 2022.

Firstly, we introduced the relevant arrangements for our Spring Festival holiday this year, and then explained some basic conditions required to enjoy the "stay in Yu for the New Year" policy. To enjoy subsidies and preferential treatment, one needs to be present regularly within the specified time.

The government also strongly supports employees to stay in the park and has issued the "Implementation Rules for Several Opinions on Assisting Enterprises and Stabilizing Posts by Staying in Yu for Employees in 2023". Provide economic subsidies to eligible employees.

Finally, the company has introduced several implementation rules for family leave after the new year.

Explained to the employees, how long is the home leave this year? This includes reimbursable expenses and additional daily subsidies.

For employees who have traveled a long distance, the company has also organized buses to return to their hometowns, adding safer and more reassuring transportation on the way back.

Thank you to our employees for treating the company like a second hometown.

Our goal has always been to provide employees with peace of mind and peace of mind.

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