Yongsheng Conducts Annual Fire Safety Escape Exercise!!!

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2022-11-26 17:30

As time approached the end of the year, the workload became increasingly tight, and the temperature began to decrease. The production workshop area is more prone to posing fire safety hazards, and safety issues have always been the fundamental issue that Yongsheng Company attaches great importance to and is most concerned about. It is also necessary to conduct annual fire safety training and drills.

From the sound of the alarm to everyone leaving their work positions and running towards a safe passage to an open and safe gathering place.


From the sound of the alarm to everyone leaving their work positions and running towards a safe passage to an open and safe gathering place.

Office staff and frontline workshop personnel are gathering

Director Zheng of the Administration Department trained new employees on fire safety knowledge, which covered the following points:

1. Be calm and composed;

2. Call the fire alarm number in a timely manner;

3. Evacuate immediately and arrive at a safe place in case of fire;

4. Evacuate according to the on-site escape routes and do not use elevators;

5. Pay attention to personal protection during the escape process to prevent inhalation of smoke and dust.

Director Wang of the workshop explained the key locations where safety accidents are prone to occur on the production site, as well as the necessary actions to ensure production safety, which can effectively reduce the likelihood of safety accidents happening to us.

At the same time, new employees were trained on the use of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

The general manager emphasized the importance of paying attention to various safety issues in daily life, including traffic safety, household appliances, work positions, and health and epidemic prevention.

Next, let the new employees experience the actual use of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

Through these practical operations, we can develop our basic firefighting knowledge and better protect ourselves in the event of a fire.

Yongsheng has always focused on protecting the safety of employees' lives and production safety as its core business focus.

I hope that Yongsheng's employees can work safely, work hard, and grow. Strive for a carefree life in Yongsheng and continue to strive.

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