Participated in the design and operation of Life View Garden

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2022-08-13 18:30

After the closure of the Chinese Garden Designers' Festival on August 8th, on August 9th, I also participated in Mr. Zhu Gaofeng's life view garden design and management course at the Hejing Wanyi Hotel.

Wan Dike explained to Zhu's students about Zhu's use and habits of wood sculpture in garden design. What role does wood sculpture play in the design concept of Teacher Zhu's Jianjing Garden Residence.

Not long ago, Jianjing Yuanju and WandiKe jointly developed a new series of wood plastic flooring. This fully demonstrates that in the eyes of designers, the priority of wood sculpture is gradually occupying the forefront.

The students have a passionate understanding and discussion of WandiKe and the exhibitors participating in the event, and are eager to try to replace ordinary boards in their designs with excellent wood plastic products to enhance the practicality and aesthetics of the garden.

WandiKe has also become the governing unit of Jianjing Yuanju in 2022. Thank you!!!

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